Any organization looking to do business invariably encounters a vital hurdle and that is, why should a prospective client consider a certain vendor to fulfill the client’s needs. As far as Codegator  is concerned, this hurdle is easily overcome as we have a dedicated and transparent team who ensure that execution of any project that we undertake is not only flawless but exceeds expectations and excels. Its Codegator’s standard operating procedure that in each and every facet of the project execution process we remain dedicated and transparent at all times.

At Codegator we thrive on and indeed nurture an open door policy where our clients are not left in the dark in terms of the development process. Instead we go that extra mile to make the entire development process completely visible and transparent for our clients so that they are aware of the status at each and every stage of the development process.

We believe in achieving our organization’s goals and objectives as a team. To that extent each and every team member is fully aware of their role in the team. We have a centralized chain of command where each and every team member knows the parameters of a deliverable.

Professionalism, being fair, vigilant and agility are the three important virtues that we have inculcated from the very bottom to the top levels of our organization. We are of the opinion and indeed it is our firm belief that in the long run only through utter professionalism can we capture markets and retain clients by winning their trust which is required for a long term relationship.

Codegator abides by fair trade practices and believes in treating customers fairly. Ever since it´s inception, Codegator has been treading the path of being fair to not only it´s clients but also to its employees who are actually the face of the company and the pillars of its success.

 Moreover, the company has been recognized as the “STAR TRADING HOUSE” by the Govt. Of India as we are in compliance with the trade regulations set by the appropriate authorities. We wholeheartedly believe in absolute transparency with our clients and never commit more than we can actually deliver. That would amount to  inadvertently misleading or misguiding them.

We are a zero tolerance company with regard to any violation of codes of conduct. Due to the sensitivity of the data that we deal with, our employees have been advised to be ever so careful and cautious with regard to data security so that there aren’t any breaches to data security and the data compromised. Our clients are also aware that we will not do anything which will have an adverse effect on the trust and confidence that we have earned from our clients.

The fact that we are rapidly expanding and diversifying is because we believe through the benchmarks and parameters that our clients set for us, we are actually crossing one milestone after another.